Clay utensils

Tea, coffee, mugs, glasses made out of clay are beneficial in every possible manner. The mugs and glasses originated from clay contain beneficial vitamins and minerals that help in maintaining glucose levels. In terms of clay cups, they are considered comparatively healthier than any other cups, as, in Northern India, tea is usually served in such clay cups. When someone drinks water in clay cups or mugs, it is said to be healthy as it contains micro-texture blocks that are porous and thus contaminate the water, thus making it clear and safe to drink. The following are the benefits of clay tea-coffee-mugs-glasses:•

1 Natural cooling properties The tea-glasses-mugs are made from clay and contain tiny pores on their superficial area where the water evaporates in no time, and it does through the pores. This very evaporation process makes sure that the heat present inside the mugs is lost, thus lowering the entire temperature of the water.

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