How to use clay Utensils

1) Clay Pots Lend a Nice Flavour to Food
As we all know Clay cookware is made of clay, which is non-acidic. This property enables it to interact with the acids in the food while cooking, Not only do they make the food healthier but also lend a nice aroma to it.

2) Clay Pots Make Your Dish Aromatic:
It is true because Due to the slow cooking & porous nature of clay pots, the moisture & aroma remains in the pot without losing any nutrient, thus making it delicious and flavorful. … The clay pot’s porous nature lets both moisture & heat to circulate through the food that results in a slow yet aromatic dish.

3) Clay Pots are Pocket-Friendly:
Clay pots give very less burden to your pocket as compared to any other utensils which are more than two times costly than it. including with it also increase your immunity by not wasting the food nutrient .so by using clay products you are getting health in using very less wealth

    “Always use the natural clay cookware
     Because your first wealth is your heath”

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