Do's And Don't

What to do?

1) Completely submerge clay utensils in water for at least 24 hours. before using for the first time. because
     • The clay utensils absorb the water.
     • During the cooking, This will prevents foods from drying out.
     • The natural juices and flavors of your food are retained in the clay utensils while nutrients are preserved
2) Utensils need to keep under the sunlight for dry 24 hrs
3) Go for oiling after drying.
4) Always wipe the utensils with a cotton cloth.
5) Perpetually cook clay utensils on low flame
6) Maintain the Appropriate temperature
7) Place your earthen cookware in the center of a cold oven, allow it to heat gradually with the oven
8) While you wash, soak the utensils in luke warm water for about an hour to retain its strength and then use a sponge to clean stains.

What you should not do?

1) Never use empty clay utensils on gas. for its durability.
2) Do not allow the clay cookware to touch the sides of the oven.
3) Don’t cook on high flame with clay utensils.
4) Never add anything cold into earthen cookware when it’s already heated.
     • Adding cold water may cause the utensils to crack.
     • If necessary to add more liquid to the pot during cooking, only pour a hot liquid into it
5) Do not try to Place hot utensils on a cold surface because it may cause the clay to crack.
6) Carefully lift the lid, the utensils may not seem very hot from outside but steam inside can cause burns

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